Check of standard drill bits

Standard drill bits – independent if the are hammer drill bits with Sdsplus or SDSmax insertion  or rotary and impact drill bits for masonry with cylindrical shanks for standard chucks – have only one centrical cutting plate. These Bohrers are checked according to according to the following criteria, which are defined in the DIBt Leaflet:

  • diameter of the cutting plate
  • height of the cutting plate
  • symmetry and excentricity of the cutting plate
  • out-of-true tolerance of the drill bit.

Drill bits according to these tolerances are also used for the pull-out tests for the European Technical assessment (ETA) of anchors according to the European Assessment Documents  EAD 330232 for mechanical fasteners for use in concrete, EAD 330196 for plastic anchors for ETICs, EAD 330499 for bonded anchors in concrete and EAD 330076 for bonded anchors in masonry. Details of these tests are given in EOTA Technical Report 049.

This ensures that drill bits with PGM seal can be used for safe anchor installations with anchors with ETA and CE marking.