Diamond drill bits

  • With diamond drill bits, the material is removed like grinding by diamond grains, which are fixed at a hollow drill bit by nickel coating or by sintering. This method can be used for all materials. Diamond drilling makes less noise only and can be used in sensitive areas like hospitals.
  • The surface of boreholes manufactured with diamond drills are much more smooth than those of conventional drill bits, Therefore, such boreholes can be used for anchor installations only if diamond drilling is explicetly allowed by the respective ETA.
  • Some ETAs foresee the use of a special tool to roughen the surface of the borehole before anchor installation.
  • Currently, there are no common tolerances for diamond drill bit diameters. Therefore, the tolerances of the diamond drill bits are defined in ETAs. To avoid a proliferation of different tolerances by the single anchor manufacturers, PGM recommends to use the same tolerances as defined for drill bits with carbide tips also for diamond drill bits.