PGM seal is the first registered European Certification Mark

Since 40 year, the PGM seal is a reliable marking for hammer drill bits and rotary drill bit, which are suitable for safe anchor installations. The PGM seal is granted to manufacturers of drill bits with a high quality level. In addition, during yearly spot checks, drill bits are checked if they meet tight tolerances.

The high level and the reliability of the PGM certification procedures was now confirmed also by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante (Spain). Since October 2017, Certification Marks can be registered at EUIPO. In contrast to conventional trade marks, which can be filed by single companies without special requirements, Certification Marks demonstrate that goods or services comply with the certification criteria of a neutral body and that they are subject of external quality checks.

After PGM was able to proof that its seal meets the strict requirements of the European trade mark directive, the PGM seal was registered on 13. March 2018 by EUIPO as the very first EU Certification Mark.

This registration is valid in all EU member states and will further improve the legal position of PGM in counterfeiting cases.